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Paladins Mission 1 (Complete)Edit

Ethan: Where is that Weedle? *hears barking and laughing* That way! *leads team to sound*

Ethan: Chimmy, can you dig a hole to right under the little party over there?

Chimmy:OK! *begins digging, dives in hole* Woah! Come ere'!

Zack: Let's go!

Chimmy:YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND!!! 4 POKE!!! (XD, poking fun at the ridiculously small amounts of poke you can find)

Ethan: What the- a candy bar? (XD)

Chimmy:*pokes it* Snickers...(XD)...oh no! I'm allergic to peanuts! *runs around in random circles*

Zack: O.O Calm down! *iron tails Chimmy*

Chimmy:*is sent flying into wall, crashes through it* Um...guys! I found the stairs! (XD)

Ethan: Come on! *Runs up stairs* FEAR ME DOGGIES!!! FOR I AM HERE TO- *Dozens of dogs surround him, Ethan puts his hands/paws up* SURRENDER!!!! (XD, Johnny test refference!)

Chimmy:Don't worry, I got this! *chucks Zack at the dogs XD*

Ethan: *Facepalms* Chimmy... *thunderbolts five dogs, they fall over with the swirley thingies*

Chimmy:*pokes dogs XD*

Zack: *focus punches a dog* NOOOO ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! *has a panic attack* (XD)

Chimmy:*continues to poke dogs XDDDD*

Ethan: *makes mud ball and throws it, dogs follow, grabs Weedle, and runs* COME ON! IN THE HOLE!!!


Kellyn: Now what? *jumps in hole*

Ethan: We run. Chimmy, cover up the whole so they can't follow us, dig us a tunnel to town, more teams can use this as a transprtation system.