Chansey Village Mission 1 Edit

Chansey: Welcome to the Chansey Village, one and all.

Happiny: Aww! I saw this while I was in the forest!
Mewtwo Shadow

What Happiny saw.

Kenzen:Hi i am here for the mission what is the status

Chansey: The Pokemon needs to be defeated so our celebrations can continue. Here are some items while you're in the forest. *Gives Kenzen Oran Berries and Apples*

Eve:Ok thanks

Kenzen:Lets go*gives chansey a watch*If we are not back two days from now we are dead(XD)

Healing Forest Mission 1 Edit

Kenzen:*enters forest*Cool

Eve:lets go*they run off*

Kenzen:*heres twigs break*Lets go*runs toward the sound*

Eve:Considering the fact i see this i think we should stopF150

Kenzen:Holy Mewtwo

Eve:Lets go back to the village now

Kenzen:No we can do this


Kenzen:There we go*runs to*

Kenzen:Spots Mewtwo*Eve look*she looks*Lets do this*tackles Mewtwo*