How to Create a Player Edit

Just put his or her name, pokemon they will be turned into, and thier personality! PLEASE GIVE THE USER NAME THAT PLAYS THE CHARACTER! THANK YOU!!!

Ethan (played by YoshiPerson)Edit

Pokemon: Pikachu

Status: Hangin' out with his rescue team, the Paladins. Getting ready to go on mission. 

Personality: Funny, cool, and bold.

Kellyn (Tditda2010)Edit

Pokemon: Riolu

Status: in waves near beach

Personality: Serious, Likeable, Brave, Quiet

Zack-NIzzy Edit

Pokemon: Raichu

Status: Awake

Personality: Nice and fun.


Pokemon: Chimchar

Status:Being hyper as usual.

Personality:Insane but nice.


Pokemon: Growlithe

Status:Just waking up.

Personality:Hot, but has no idea that he is. Incredibly modest.



Status: Awake

Personality: Nice, quiet, polite


Pokemon: Totodile

Status: unconscious

Personality: Quiet. Sees the bad things about life rather than the good. The glass is half empty.

Bob Edit

Pokemon: Lucario

Status: Awake.

Personality: Running around random things.

Chase Edit


Status:Hanging around the streets.

Personality:Nothing but cool.

Chelsea Edit

Pokemon: Vulpix

Status: Asleep

Personality: Awesome, friendly and nice.

Charly Edit

Pokemon: Nidorina

Status: Chillin' like a villian (because she is)

Personality: Cool

Cherushia Edit

Pokemon: Ninetails

Status: Awake

Personality: Shy but friendly

Flame Edit

Pokemon: Rapidash

Status: Asleep

Personality: A born rebel

Sprakle Edit

Pokemon: Vaporeon

Status: Awake

Personality: Spazzdickated fish thing but friendly. (Only to his family and friends, not scary doctors)

Arve Edit

Pokemon: Jolteon

status: Asleep

Personality:has regular mood swings, friendly, shy, and loves to be herself


Pokemon: Bayleaf

Status: Awake

Personality: Nothing but cool

Rudi Edit

Pokemon: Glaceon

Status: Awake

Personality: Sane and kinda cool (In a weird kinda way)

Shade Edit

Pokemon: Luxio

Status: Awake

Personality: Friendly,quiet, has a short temper and is a goth

Dylan Edit

Pokemon: Aipom

Status: Typing his status (Awake)

Personality: A bit insane and a lot funny

Ice (Tditda2010) Edit

Pokemon: Snorunt

Status: Awake

Personality: Funny and Quiet

Kenzen Edit

Pokemon:(Look at pictures for Current)

Status: Asleep

Personality: Hyper and Fun yet serious


Gram Edit

Pokemon: (Look at pictures for Current)

Status: Sleeping

Personality: A Leader in sorts


Jessie Edit

Pokemon: (Look at pictures for Current)

Status: Flying in the night

Personality: A funny girl with quirks


Eve Edit

Pokemon: (Look at pictures for Current)

Status: Thinking

Personality: A serious young girl


Lio Edit

Pokemon: (Look at pictures for Current)

Status: Sleeping

Personality: The strongest link


Shadow Edit

Pokemon: (Look at pictures for Current)

Status: Sleeping

Personality: A Nice Goth, strong Chimchar


Mist Edit

Pokemon: (Look at pictures for Current)

Staus: Awake

Personality:A funny girl with a knack for pranks



Pokemon: Wurmple

Personality: Bossy yet very loving and kind

Status: Awake

Player: TDALindsayfan1


Pokemon: Abra

Personality: Really smart and friendly

Status: Awake

Player: SKWay78


Pokemon: Mime Jr.

Personality: Graceful and very, VERY playful

Status: Awake

Player: beautynotbeast


Pokemon: Eevee

Personality: Strong and very goth

Status: Awake

Player: Shadowpath13


Pokemon: Furret

Personality: Calm, quiet, likes to have fun

Status: Awake

Player: ShAdOw AnGeL


Pokemon: Torchic

Personality: Shy, quiet, smart

Status: Unconscious

Player: Cragiled dyrium



Personalty:Dumb.energetic,and really friendly


Player:Heather rocks

Jennifer (Played By izzynsierrafan12)Edit

Pokemon: Prinplup


Status:Watching her Prinplup eat


Pokemon: Larvitar



Personality: Dark, can come off as ruthless but is actually quite nice once you get to know him, intelligent, very stealthy and strategic, also very precise and to the point

Status: Forming Rescue Team: Scorpia

Played By: SerpentKing999


Pokemon: Scrafty

Personality: Mean and rude, easily annoyed. A troublemaker.

Status: Stealing Alakazam's spoons. :P

Played by: I DON'T EXIST, GUYS! >:(



Personality:independent,stealthy,stragetic,fierce,loyal to friends

Status:Forming Team Catz(Catlike Pokemon only)(That includes Eevee and the Eeveelutions)

Played By:Rainnose(Username)


Played By: CrymsonShokwave

Pokemon: Kirlia

Status: Running around in a circle, frantic

Personality: Adventurous, Friendly, Steadfast, Helpful, Cheerful, Never wants to sit still

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