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Rescue Missions Edit

Saving A Weedle from Pack of Dark Poocheynas Edit

STATUS: Complete

TEAM ON JOB: Paladins

Reward: 100 points!

Location: Black Beach

Save A Geogude From A Lava Pond Edit


TEAM ON JOB: Elements

REWARD: 150 points!

LOCATION: Volcano of flames

Save A Pichu From Cave of Doom Monster Edit



REWARD: 100 points!

LOCATION: Cave of Doom

Save Mardi-Sey for the Chansey Edit

Status: Taken

Team On Job: Pyro

Reward: 250 Points, 20 Poke, + ? Egg

Location: Chansey Village and Healing Forest

Spy on rouge group of Mewoth Edit

Status: "?"

Team On Job: "?"

Reward: 250 Points, 20 Poke, + Sun Stone

Location: Waterfall Cave

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