About The Paladins Edit

This is the first rescue team to ever exist here on this wiki! 

Current Members: Edit





Current Task: Edit

Hangin' out

Other Edit

Points: 100

Poke: 4

Eggs: 0

Team Chat Edit

Ethan: Chimmy, Zack, are we ready to go? *finishes packing stuff* Let's see... First aid kit, Food, Toilet paper to teepee a random pokemon's house... (XD)

Ethan: Okay! We're ready to go! TO THE BLACK BEACH! (Music heard: DUN DUN DUN!!!! ) XD

Chimmy:O-K! *marches off, trips over a Ledyba* (XD)

Ethan: Watch where you're going! *trips over speck of dust* (XD)

Kellyn: You guy forgot about me! I'm part of team! :|


Kellyn: There's a new mission opened!

Ethan: Spying on a rogue Meowth squad... What do you say? I'll take the job. Who wants to come with?

Chimmy:*raises hand*

Ethan: Yes, Chimmy?

Rooms of the HQ Edit

Ethan's Room Edit

Ethan: *begins personalizing room with various drawings of his family and friends, builds desk and writes first mission log*

Chimmy's Room Edit

Chimmy:*sits down on bed and sighs, stares at stars*

Kellyn's Room Edit

Kellyn: *Goes to meditate*

Zack's Room Edit

Zack: *looks around* ...

Shade's RoomEdit

Training Room Edit

Meeting RoomEdit

Meeting #1Edit

Ethan: Anybody have any missions available? We're just sitting here, doing nothing!

Dining Area Edit

Black Beach Mission

Our Teams 1st Mission (moves captioned)

Images of Missons Edit

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