Role: Leader, Striker
Pokemon: Ekans♀
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Razor Claw
Moves: Venom Shock, Fire Fang, Toxic, Poison Tail

Nyx is the undisputed leader of Team Mythos. Swift, terse, and commanding, she directs her team with military speed and precision. Always serious, Nyx believes that honor is a fool's excuse and that a rescue team should contain pokemon of training and expertise. Her team just doesn't have the same passion for her spartan codes of conduct. Her fellow team members have mellowed her demeanor over the years, but during battle she always reverts to her more rigid mannerisms.


Role: Tank, Long Range
Pokemon: Slowpoke♂
Ability: Own Tempo
Item: Light Clay
Moves: Boiling Water, Psychic, Flamethrower, Light Screen

Movement is anathema to Lethe's very essence. He is terrible at remembering names: names of places, objects, even pokemon. It's not that he isn't intelligent, or that he forgets what'' something is, he just can't quite recall names. Generally a jolly fellow, Lethe has a way of making pokemon feel comfortable, despite his unusually large size and wandering mind. During combat Lethe provides cover for Nyx and Theia, shielding them physically and psychically. He moves around very little in a fight, tending to stand his ground and rely on his girth to keep him standing even under heavy fire.


Role: Reconnaissance, Covering Fire
Pokemon: Hoppip♀
Ability: Chlorophyll
Item: Heat Rock
Moves: Sunny Day, Synthesis, SolarBeam, Aerial Ace

Nyx remains stern and Lethe stays mellow, while Theia injects a seemingly never-ending vibrancy into the team. She always opens combat with her sunny personality and her Sunny Day. Theia is always moving, flitting round over the heads of everyone, landing lightly but not for long and keeps up a constant stream of dialogue with her teammates. During battle she makes sure no one gets the drop on the other members of her team, and manuevers around foes, making sure they cannot find advantageous positions.